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The Treatment

Who is the treatment for?

For every woman that wants an all-natural visibly younger-looking skin after each session. Ditch the nonsense and expensive cosmetic products that promise the fountain of youth. Experience the mystical secret Indian facial massage that empowers woman to look and feel amazing effortlessly!

Ambience of the room

We have beautifully furnished a relaxed, Zen area for you. A cosy couch with warm inviting quilts, back & knee supports makes the ambience ooze with comfort . We want you to feel at home when you visit us!


Your skin is as individual as you. That`s why we provide a service that is personally tailored to your needs.

Step by step instructions for the massage

1. Serene Surrender

No creams or oils are used. It’s a no fuss, come as you are with or without makeup, and let -our fingertips work their magic on you. Constant stress encourages the skin to age rapidly. Deep seated emotions locked in our body – like pain, anger, worry and stress – show their signs on your face. This technique lovingly soothes away a troubled face.

Highlights of the massage:

  • Brilliant for letting go of tension held emotions.
  • The jaw line gets a nice release.
  • Great for getting your energy flowing.
  • Heavenly soothing.

2. Smooth soft & supple

It is true, with age the elasticity and strength of the skin looses it`s suppleness. The good news is that we have the perfect massage technique to help you get the springy supple skin, back in a snap!

Highlights of the massage:

  • Smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles, especially crow`s feet.
  • Works at a deep level, strengthens the facial muscles.
  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • Incredibly relaxing and stimulating.

3. Stimulate to Lift

Relaxation is key here! Many of us have neither the time, nor do we give ourselves permission to chill out once in a while. This face massage instructs your body to unwind, muscles are relaxed, and a richer supply of blood and nutrients nourish your skin cells – helping to promote cell regeneration and repair. Who said beauty isn`t skin deep!

Highlights of the massage:

  • Adds definition to the jaw line.
  • Lifts, tones and smoothes the skin.
  • Circulatory system receives a precious boost.
  • A Soothing technique that may put you in a deep restful sleep (has been known!)

4. Deep Detoxifier

Sometimes your skin needs a helping hand to get rid of toxins . We are all too familiar with the dull, grey complexion and puffy eyes in the morning – that`s the sure sign toxins are hanging around. Emphasis is given to the sides of the neck where many of the lymph vessels are located to help drain fluids and puffiness from the face.

Highlights of the massage:

  • A fabulous wake up call for a sluggish lymph.
  • Dark circles and puffy eyes are worked on to reduce their prominence.
  • Deeper relaxation on the neck area; a heavenly treat for tired and tensed muscles.

5. Natural Exfoliation

We really do know how to get you looking young in a space of an hour! Your skin gets the radiant touch after exfoliation. Dead skin cells are shedded leaving you glowing like sunshine! In tandem the gliding upward moves acts as a sweet solace for the nervous system. Tender feelings are aroused, making your nervous system silent and still. Peace is felt.

Highlights of the massage:

  • Exfoliation treatment- boosts your radiance.
  • Sweeping moves educates` your facial muscles to remain lifted.
  • Soft and smooth strokes calms the nervous system.
  • Refines pores, helping skin to breath.

6. Final Relaxation

The skin receives its final relaxation with a soothing and slow ear massage, and a better finishing with a deep scalp massage. A perfect detox for the mind!

Highlights of the massage:

  • Ear massage stimulates better lymphatic drainage and is very soothing.
  • The head massage is an ideal way for you to “get out of your head”, far away from everyday stress.
  • Designed to bring you peace and relaxation to help put you in a state of tranquil heaven.

`Looking better DOES make you happier and that`s what makes you BEAUTIFUL NATURALLY.`

– Pritpal Dogra