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What is it?

Reduces wrinkles
at crows feet

Lifts the eyebrow area

Indian heavenly
scalp massage,
a perferct detox
for the mind

Smoothes out fine lines

Adds definition to the
jaw line

Neck massage
stimulates lymph to
drain fluids and
puffiness from the face

Tones tired and tense muscles

Do you rely on pricy and plentiful beauty cosmetics to hide age-related symptoms? Does your skin’s complexion look as tired as you often feel?

Well, it`s time to re-think the way you view anti-ageing treatments! Awaken your 5 senses with a superbly stimulating hands-on massage that lifts, firms and tones your skin like no cream or potion ever could!

The 5 Senses natural face lift massage incorporates ancient Indian practices with modern massage techniques. It`s an ace anti-ageing treatment to help reverse or prevent visible signs of ageing.

You can enjoy the peace, relaxation and tranquillity of a customized facial massage that aims to restore both your skin and your youthful vitality.

Don’t just look good, you should also feel good – across all 5 senses!

Hover over the beauty points on the face to reveal some key benefits of the facial massage.